Exploring & Discovering Italian Film Culture

Movi[e]italy is a broadcasting initiative dedicated to Cinema and Audio-Visual Culture from Italy which will be housed in a content provider container within the US Amazon Prime platform and will present the most significant works of Italian Cinema and Audio-Visual Culture.


It will be a propositive, dynamic evolving venture that will expand over time on an ongoing regular basis. We will develop, in a progressive mode, a philologically correct and heterogeneous map that will include all the various cinematic styles and genres.

Our goal is to identify the development, growth and changes of a nation expressed by these visual languages from a historical, social and cultural perspective and that will reflect the languages, styles and disciplines of Italian regional and national cultural diversity 
[the microcosm of Italian Cinema and Audio-Visual in its wholeness].

From the first silent films, the comedies, the Futurist cinema, the advent of sound, the propaganda films, the neorealism, the auteur cinema, comedy, the social and political cinema, animation, peplums, science fiction, horror, spaghetti westerns, action, the cinema of the new millennium, this project will take an interdisciplinary approach to show all the different and unique genres of Italian cinema.


There will also be space for other disciplines such as video art, video theater that have originated from Italy.


Furthermore, we will invite a series of prestigious national and international guests to introduce and comment on the various works that will be included on the channel.


It should be noted that our presence on Amazon USA, will also be a vehicle for the divulgation of the Italian language, many of the films will be in original language with subtitles.