About Us

Movieitaly is the first on-demand streaming platform that aims to share Italian culture through the moving image, offering the very best Italian filmography both of the past and of current days, made by the iconic performers and the great timeless directors.

Spanning from neorealism to “commedia all’italiana”, from social denounce cinema to crime giallos, from spaghetti western to auteur documentary. This and so much more to express on film all of the moods, the emotions, the stories, both big and small and real or fictional, of a country filled with beauty.

Movieitaly has the ambition of shining a light and showing to the world an Italy defined by its passions, its authenticity, the art and the innate taste; a well recognised Italy represented in all the masterpieces of Italian cinema.


Through a vast offer of exclusive content, Movieitaly aims to promote authentic Italian culture across the world. By sharing a cultural context that brings together with taste the Italian know-how, the savoir-faire and the art of living.

A combination of culture, art, aesthetic, territory, craftsmanship and history that generate beauty and excellence. To those who recognize these values as their own, Movieitaly offers the possibility of re-discovering in a single streaming platform familiar images, places, and emotions.

Inspired by the Made In Italy’s originality and recognizability, Movieitaly presents itself as a digital hub that offers a wide array of exclusive content that opens a window onto Italy’s great beauties: cinema, art, craftsmanship, manufacture, and much more. 

Movieitaly wants to celebrate the uniqueness that makes Italy the most beautiful country in the world, offering, in an accessible way, the very best Italian experience.

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